NCAA / NAIA Eligibility

Academic standards for prospective college athletes vary depending on which institution is chosen, as well as the level of play at which the athlete participates. There are three governing bodies of collegiate athletics; the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA, all which have varying expectations of prospective collegiate athletes. Click on the links below to find out more information about each governing body associated with college athletics. Please note that in addition to understanding this basic information, parents and students should initiate contact with a high school advisor to ensure that all necessary requirements for collegiate athletic eligibility are met prior to graduating from high school.


Student athletes should register with NCAA and/or NAIA Eligibility Centers during their junior year (it is best to sign up before they take their first SAT or ACT test).

  • To Register for NCAA Eligibility Center – Registration – $90
  • To Register for NAIA Eligibility Center – Registration – $80
  • Fee Waivers are available for those that qualify – see CHS Counselor Mrs Holguin-Dotson for more information.


Both Eligibility Centers will request an official transcript. They cannot accept an official transcript until it has grades 9-11 (3 years/6 semesters). Therefore, once you sign up, we will not send a transcript until June after your Junior year.

  • To request that a transcript be sent to either Eligibility Center, contact the Centennial High School Counselor Mrs. Holguin-Dotson (
  • Any transcript needed for a university or for any other purpose will have to be requested through the Centennial High School Registrar.

The Eligibility Center will then request an official Transcript be sent after graduation. These will automatically be sent by the high school based on a list of all students that have registered with the Eligibility Center (this list is given to them by the Eligibility Center).

Test Scores

Students must take an SAT test or ACT test and have their scores sent directly to the eligibility center. Copies of scores cannot be sent.

  • When signing up for either test there will be an option to send scores to 4 schools/institutions for free. The Eligibility Centers can be requested as one of the institutions to send the score.
  • We recommend that students that are registered with the eligibility center should send their scores to the eligibility center and then choose 2-3 schools they would be interested in attending if they later choose to not play sports in college.

To send scores to NCAA Eligibility Center use code –9999

To send scores to NAIA Eligibility Center use code –9876

More Information

A great resource for NCAA Eligibility Center Registration is the “Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete” located on their website:

Guide for College Bound Student-Athletes 2020-2021

COVID Eligibility 2020-2021